The Chemist’s Code of Conduct

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 The Chemist’s Code of Conduct

The Chemist’s Code of Conduct is a copyrighted document of the American Chemistry Society. The document cannot be reproduced, or altered from its original format or wording, without permission from the American Chemical Society.

The American Chemical Society expects its members to adhere to the highest ethical standards. Indeed, the federal Charter of the Society (1937) explicitly lists among its objectives "the improvement of the qualifications and usefulness of chemists through high standards of professional ethics, education, and attainments..."
Chemists have professional obligations to the public, to colleagues, and to science. One expression of these obligations is embodied in "The Chemist's Creed," approved by the ACS Council in 1965. The principles of conduct enumerated below are intended to replace "The Chemist's Creed." They were prepared by the Council Committee on Professional Relations, approved by the Council (March 16, 1994), and adopted by the Board of Directors (June 3, 1994) for the guidance of Society members in various professional dealings, especially those involving conflicts of interest.

As corporate members of the American Chemical Society, Peak Energy Group Management and Employees acknowledge responsibilities to:

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