Our Chemical Products

We are a custom manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemistries for the industrial, energy, and agricultural market segments.

  Our more specific mission is to provide onsite service applications of surface chemistry via a high level of innovation to end users in all facets of our perspective marketing concentration.

  We are focusing our efforts to solve problems in a highly complex integration of processes to achieve the highest level of quality output. Listening to our customers and their changing demands will enable us to measure our success in this endeavor.

Our Products are:

RGV ADI-5940 - Asphaltene Dispersant/Inhibitor

RGV ADI-5940 has been specifically developed to prevent or reduce Asphaltene flocculation and deposition in oil production operation eg in the reservoir, production wells and topside
processing units.

Block Buster - Production Stimulant

Block Buster is a complex blend of organic solvents, surfactants, acids and flow improvers. Block Buster was designed to clean up damaged formations, paraffin/asphaltic coated formations, and remove impediments to improved production performance.

RGV EB 5509 - Demulsifier

RGV 5509-EB demulsifier intermediate is an epoxy, for low gravity crude.

ESP 521 S - Custom Built Friction Reducer

ESP521 S isa water soluble compound blend utilized in broad spectrum applications.

ESP 721‐VR - Custom Built Viscosity Reducer

ESP 721‐VR is an oil soluble compound blend utilized in broad spectrum applications.

RGV 6105-SI - Scale Inhibitor

RGV 6105-SI the sodium salt of a hydroxy amino phosphonic acid.

3801-PC - Specialty Organic Solvent/Dispersant/Inhibitor

RGV 3801-PC is a specialty inhibitor/dispersant/solvent designed to dissolve and remove organic deposits in oil & gas pipelines. The RGV 3801-PC contains special solvents designed to
penetrate oil, paraffin and grease deposits. The RGV 3801-PC is a much more environmentally friendly, a high flash point, and biodegradable. Making it a safer solvent to use than the more conventional solvents. Considering all of these characteristics of RGV 3801 PC makes it a much better choice to use in oil & gas Pipelines, processing equipment, flowlines and
downhole tubing, allowing them to be effectively removed from the system in a solvent flush

RGV 1235‐PI - Custom Built Paraffin Inhibitor

RGV 1235‐PI is an oil soluble tri‐compound blend utilized in broad spectrum applications.

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