Smart PIGs & Cleaning Pigs

We employ a team of experienced pipeline maintenance professionals that are trained to use the various types of PIGs. Our team will monitor and recording the progress, passage, and speed of the tool throughout the entirety of each run, and when needed we have the equipment and experience to quickly pinpoint the location of a lodged tool so immediate action can be taken to resolve the problem.

Regular pipeline pigging is highly beneficial to the structural integrity of pipelines. By removing sediments and sludge from the interior of the lines, the risk of rapid erosion is minimized. On top of saving the pipeline structure, it ensures a cleaner product by removing sludge and a majority of substantial solids found in raw product.

Smart Pigs can also deliver critical data on the interior conditions of pipelines, alerting you to any anomalies which can cause potential ruptures or other such catastrophic situations. This data can allow for prompt preventative maintenance and assist in the scheduling of future maintenance schedules which will keep you in business even longer.

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