Our Safety Commitment

Our safety division ensures that all of our employees are outfitted with full personal protective equipment. In addition to providing physical protection from workplace hazards, our safety personnel are also skilled in training crews on safe work practices, preparation of JSAs (Job Safety Analyses), preservation of PPE and awareness of specific workplace hazards.

With safe work practice comes the knowledge of how to complete a job safely. Eagle Ford Oilfield Services personnel are trained to work on and with our clients’ pipelines and machinery. Whether it is time to change amine filters or launch and receive pipeline pigs, our crews receive the training necessary to do the job safely.

Safety in the workplace goes hand-in-hand with Standard Operating Procedures and continual training. That is why we conduct training classes on a number of topics, in order to ensure personnel stay aware of best practices and are kept abreast of the latest safety and operating standards.

Here is a list of a few training sessions which we can provide for your company in a class setting:

· H2S Awareness (Combined with Gas Detection Equipment and SCBA Experience)
· Fall-Protection Awareness (Explaining the importance of fall-protection when working at height)
· Fire Prevention and Fire Extinguisher Training (Basics on P.A.S.S. Method w/demonstration)
· Excavation Safety Awareness (Basic s explaining key factors and dangers of illegal excavations)
· Advanced Gas Detection for Safety Tech (In-depth coverage of H2S, CO, LEL, VOC and SO2)
· CPR & Medic First-Aid (Basic Plus with American Heart Association CPR Instruction)

…as well as a number of industry and client-specific job operations procedures, such as:

§ Condensate Truck Loading
§ General Plant Operations
§ Launching and Receiving Oil PIGs
§ Launching and Receiving Gas PIGs

Contact Information

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