Our Services

Aerial Leak Detection

We are able to offer technologically advanced aerial patrols using LIDAR, Corona, Infra-Red and Daytime Television Video. We specialize in low altitude corridor operations. Some uses of our equipment are LIDAR mapping, Pipeline class density studies, Coastal erosion studies and Power line planning and line sag determination.

By flying slower, lower, and with added visibility in the helicopter, you can see more problematic situations before they turn into costly power outages or pipeline leaks. On gas pipelines, the helicopter can land and stop contractors who are digging too close to the pipeline, thus avoiding a very dangerous situation and costly outages.

Ground-level Leak Detection

We offer X-Ray, ultrasound, and chemical application leak detection services that are all applied at the ground level and can have a dramatic impact on loss prevention.

Emergency Response

We tailor our Emergency Services and Responses to each clients unique situations after consultation, analysis and recommendation.

Neoprene External Coating Maintenance

We have a skilled team on hand to apply and maintain neoprene external coating on pipeline. This process serves to preserve and protect your pipeline assets. Coatings can be applied to any weld of any size, after the surface is blasted clean and clear of any previous corrosion.

Cathodic Protection

We install and maintain Cathodic Protection systems that assist in the prevention of the corrosion of assets. Once set-up by our technicians, a proper cathodic protection system will function to draw corrosion away from pipeline and other valued equipment to lengthen the lifespan of your company's assets. This will greatly reduce repair and maintenance costs by preventing rapid degradation of solid structures.

Smart PIGs & Cleaning PIGs

We employ a team of experienced pipeline maintenance professionals that are trained to use the various types of PIGs. Our team will monitor and recording the progress, passage, and speed of the tool throughout the entirety of each run, and when needed we have the equipment and experience to quickly pinpoint the location of a lodged tool so immediate action can be taken to resolve the problem.

Hot Tapping Installation

We install new tie-in points via hot tapping. By performing Hot Tap work on pipelines, your company can maintain a steady flow of product down the lines while installing new options for diversion and delivery. This includes the installation of gauges and monitoring equipment at any point down the line where monitoring equipment is desired.

Meter Skid Construction, Maintenance, and Repair

Our skilled technicians have years of experience in the calibration of a variety of meter skid instrumentation devices and can ensure that your company is provisioned with proper gas analysis through the routine upkeep of specialized monitoring instrumentation.

We also tailor innovative fabrication solutions to address client's unique applications, We build made-to-order gas and liquid meter skids to match your flow rate requirements. Our skids can have the following properties subject to the clients needs and vision:
• High Load Capacity
• Durable, Corrosion-Free Construction
• Negligible Downtime
• Low Maintenance Costs
• Full Assembly on Robust, Steel Frames
• New and Retrofitted Designs
• Check Valves and Security Features

Valve Check-up, Maintenance, & Calibration

The accuracy and reliability of the instruments and electronics designed to monitor, control and supervise your flow of assets is vital to the bottom line. Our valve and instrumentation calibration and maintenance service technicians can assure the accuracy of your instruments and the consistency of your process controls. Our company specializes in routine preventive maintenance programs and non-routine maintenance (Emergency Call-Outs), repair and refurbishment of an array of pressure control equipment. We have you covered.

Small Volume Meter-Prover

Eagle Ford Oilfield Services provides high accuracy, rapid operation and continuous flow by conducting meter-proving on a flow meter in an operational line. This is accomplished without interrupting normal flow and without the use of manually operated bypass valves. By utilizing our meter-proving units and crew of experienced measurement technicians, you will reap the benefits of quality control and proper LACT unit meter calibrations. Proper calibration and measurement is crucial to the accuracy of sales and keeping track of logistics and product supply, in order to keep-up with the market’s growing demand.

Heavy Equipment Services

Our crews are experienced in operating and maintaining a variety of heavy equipment and utility vehicles. From filling-in pipeline wash-outs to installing protective measures around your field equipment and assets, Eagle Ford Oilfield Services is prepared to promptly respond to any number of jobs you may have in need of completing.

I&E and Measurements

Eagle Ford Oilfield Services has a team of skilled instrumentation technicians in our I&E division whom all play a vital role in ensuring our clients’ product is measured properly by way of conducting routine calibrations on LACT unit meters and providing rapid response to service calls for issues pertaining to electronic and minor mechanical malfunctions within the LACT units as a whole.

Pipeline Construction Services

• Pipe Lowering / Raising
• Emergency Pig Cutouts
• Anomaly Digs (Repairs, Etc)
• Pipeline Verification Digs
• Trap Modifications
• Pipe Sandblasting / Coating / Spray-Painting
• General and Specific Pipeline Rehabilitation


Other Specialty Personnel & Services

• Safety Specialists & H2S Technicians
• Truck Loaders & Gate Attendants
• Gaugers & Pumpers - Experienced in Pump-Jack & Well-Head Maintenance
• Backhoe, Maintainer & Skid Steer
• Sandblasting & Painting Crew
• Operations Consulting
• Grounds Keeping
• Land Owner Relations
• Fence Building & Repair
• General Roustabout Crews
• Brush Shredding
• Project Management
• LACT Unit Maintenance & Construction
• General Industry & Construction Safety
• Safety Consultation for Field and Office

If your company has a specific need that isn't listed above, we will gladly do what it takes and seek a solution to provide that service for you.

Contact Information

Phone: 361.258.1690      Email: csutherland@efofs.com